Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Bug's Life

This here is my final final that I'm posting. I also had a paper about early 20th century women's' fashion (which I don't even want to look at again, so I'm sure none of you want to look at it even once) and a portfolio website I designed and coded. I think I want to tweak that though and actually use it, so you champs can just WAIT. 

Man has terrible life. Man becomes bug.
Man has even worse life. Man dies.
A real uplifting story for the holidays. You're welcome.

We had to design book covers for the Kafka story The Metamorphosis. I wanted to keep it simple and a little dark. I also wanted to combine graphic and rendered elements (I know, big surprise). I tried a different palette than usual, which was a nice challenge (Where's the yellow? WHERE'S THE YELLOW?). So here you go.  RESULTS.

I did this in acrylic with the exception of the lettering, which I hand-drew digitally.

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