Saturday, March 17, 2012


What the WHAT. It's a traditional painting. Oil and acrylic BABY.

For my portrait class, we had to do a portrait of a dead person (not like the person in the picture is dead, but just of someone who has died). I jumped at the opportunity to do a portrait of my favorite illustrator, Shel Silverstein.

Just how I like my men--
bald, pantless, and with hairy, skinny, pale legs. 

The idea here is to show his two sides. The kid-friendly and the inappropriate.

He's probably most famous for his children's books--The Giving Tree, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Falling Up, and so on. He got his start, though, in more adult work---working as a world-travelling cartoonist for Playboy magazine (where some of my favorite work by him comes from) and writing gems like Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book.

So, from this a pantless Shel Silverstein emerges. Playing guitar in front some little kids. Super cute.

It's what I aspire to.

Painting leg hair is tricky.

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