Saturday, May 19, 2012

Books and Music

Who's sick of this piece? DEAL WITH IT.

To continue to add to the design side of my portfolio/beef up my design skills, I made a little mock-up of a book cover using my James and the Giant Peach piece. I'm going to make it into a hardcover sleeve. I typed that because I just thought of it, and you should always type exactly what you're thinking at that exact moment, right?

 Lunchmeat. Car Alarm. Cereal.

Is it dinner yet?


"In the towers of your honeycomb"

Album art! What's an album? Who knows. MP3s, iPods, internet, bro. 
Anyway, I decided to take a drawing I had (the one-eyed deer, in case there's any confusion) and apply it. I thought I'd play off of Bon Iver's music, with it's Midwestern/woodsy feel, feeling of loss and calm, and then the hexagon pattern playing off of a lyric in "Towers".

You know, explanations.

More stuff to come since I've been working not unlike how I would during the school year. Except the time that I would be in classes or at one job or another during the semester, is now filled with sandwiches, friends, [craft/snob] beers, and trips around the city.

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  1. These look sick. I like the understated color palettes in both of them (I can never type out the word "palette" correctly on the first try!). It's awesome how motivated you are to go back into old works and keep fixing them.