Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I know there's a market for drawing actual porn,
but what about food porn? Eh?

Since I haven't had a kitchen for over a year now, I find myself drawing the foods I want to eat. Is this sad? Maybe a little, but it's usually better than trying to recreate the food in my microwave. I'm a boss at sassing up oatmeal, eggs just sounded/looked worse than they actually were, and then "grilled" cheese was just a bad idea from the start.

I may or may not be a pro at exploding soup.

Contain your jealousy and awe.

This entry may seem a little repetitive, because I posted this piece not too long ago on my Tumblr page. If you looked at it. Which you might have. I don't know. I'm not keeping tabs on you. I pretend to have a life beyond the internet.

I'm still figuring out what the difference will be between this and my Tumblr, if any, if both continue to exist. Right now the only difference is that I'm more inclined to ramble on here than Tumblr.

The lesson of all this is that I need to get my actual site all fixed up and launched.

And get an actual kitchen.

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