Sunday, August 19, 2012


So, I got an awesome suggestion to make my meat drawing into a book cover for "The Jungle", from Seabass. This is a little something I have so far, but I've been stuck. I'd like to blame the time of the summer. Can I do that? I think so?

Anywho, help?


  1. Put a bird on it.
    Lol, but no it's pretty perf.

    For this version, I would keep everything the same except for the "The Jungle" text, it looks squished or elongated when compared to the spine? Maybe it's just some sort of illusion. I don't know if you need the buyer beware tag; one chunk of text might work better than three paragraphs of different widths.

    For a different version you could take out the top neutral color chunk and just have the meat and that green color; and push the meat all the way up and have the text where that tagline is at. Or you could flip the meat and keep your title where it's at.

    The color scheme is really great, especially the dark olive spine against the rest of the colors

  2. I think the type could be more better executed. I don't think that font goes well with your illustration.

    1. Any suggestions!? I'm still learning type (clearly, haha).